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Updated with photo by John Haugh

By Chris Muldrow / Fredericksburg.Today

A vehicle struck and killed a black bear on Route 610 in Stafford.

The bear was hit near Shiloh Baptist Church, just east of Lake Arrowhead. Maj. Donald Lenhart from the Stafford Sheriff’s Office said that there was one vehicle involved in the accident. He said deputies noted the bear was dead when they arrived at the scene. Nobody in the car was taken to the hospital for injuries.

“It’s a shame,” Maj. Lenhart said. “There have been several sightings of a bear in that area before–this could be the same one.”

Melanie Calhoun, a Stafford resident, said she saw the bear tonight.

“I take that route home from work daily, today I got out later than normal,” Calhoun said. “I was stopped at 8:40pm, and saw the bear at 8:45pm in the blocked off lane.”

Black bears are the smallest, but most common, of the three bear species found in America. Male black bears grow between five and six feet long and two to three feet tall, and they typically weigh between 100 and 300 pounds. Females range in weight between 100 and 175 pounds.

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