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Arrests made September 22, 2017 – September 29, 2017



On 09/22/2017, Deputy B. Moore arrested Keanu Davis (19) of Washington D.C. for Vehicle Tampering x2, Petit Larceny, False ID to LE, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, Attempted Motor Vehicle Theft, and Conspiracy to Steal a Motor Vehicle. Jamaal Pryor (35) of Waldorf MD was charged with Attempted Motor Vehicle Theft, Conspiracy to Steal a Motor Vehicle, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, Vehicle Tampering x2, and Petit Larceny. Deangelo Lewis (21) of no fixed address was charged with providing false ID to law enforcement, Petit Larceny, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, Vehicle Tampering, Attempted Motor Vehicle Theft, and Conspiracy to Steal a Motor Vehicle. All subjects were turned over to the Rappahannock Regional jail and are being held without bond.

On 09/26/2017, Deputy R. Lewis arrested Ezra Randle III (23) of Spotsylvania for grand larceny of a firearm in the 11400 block of Catharpin Road

On 09/27/2017, Deputy M Fuller issued a summons to Kelli Goins (46) of Spotsylvania for shoplifting.

On 09/28/2017, Deputy K Mcginnis arrested Debra Armstrong (53) of Spotsylvania for shoplifting.



On 09/27/2017, Deputy M. Jones arrested Kenneth P. Bridges (39) of Spotsylvania for domestic assault in the 6700 block of Lanes Corner Road.

On 09/28/2017, Deputy Fredericksen arrested Steven Westrick (34) of Spotsylvania for assault and obstruction of justice after an incident in the 100 block of Bend Farm Road.

On 09/28/2017, Deputy A. Smith arrested Stephen Davis II (46) of Spotsylvania for violating a protective order (x2), abduction, and a felony violate protective order.



On 09/21/2017, Deputy C. Lee issued a summons to Victor Moreno Montalvo (18) of Spotsylvania for driving without a license and possession of marijuana in the 3600 block of Plank Road.

On 09/26/2017, Deputy Assur released Robert Scott (26) of Spotsylvania on a Summons for Possession of Marijuana and Trespassing. Tiffany Michelle Veney (23) of Spotsylvania was also charged with Trespassing in the 13000 Block of Post Oak Road.

On 9/26/2017, Deputy Wright arrested Kaylee Stake (23) of Spotsylvania for possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana after a traffic stop near Olde Grenwich.



On 9/23/2017, Deputy J Pittman arrested Cletius Meaders (29) of Spotsylvania for DUI and refusal to provide a breath sample.

On 09/24/2017, Deputy J Pittman arrested Garry Byrd (65) of Spotsylvania for DUI.

On 09/28//2017, Deputy John Slate arrested Michelle R. Marion (43) of Fredericksburg for DUI (2nd offense) and driving suspended (3rd plus offense). This stemmed from a single vehicle crash on Plank Rd.


All Other Arrests

On 09/23/2017, Deputy B. Moore arrested Andrew Tyree (25) of Spotsylvania appearing Intoxicated in Public in the 3400 Block of Danbury Circle.

On 09/23/2017, First Sgt. B. Harvey arrested Ms. Hazel Scarlett Ruiz (24) of Spotsylvania for a Probation and Parole violation.

On 09/27/2017, Deputy S. Norris arrested Heather Jo Cole (42) of Spotsylvania on a Capias out of Spotsylvania and a Capias out of Fredericksburg.

On 09/27/2017, Senior Deputy C. Washington arrested Hobart E. Taylor (35) of Spotsylvania on a warrant for DUI and a warrant for Driving Revoked out of Spotsylvania County.

On 09/28/2017, Deputy J Pittman issued a summons to Allardy Johnson (36) of Richmond for soliciting without a permit.

On 9/28/2017 Deputy J Pittman issued a summons to Matthew Taher (26) of New Hampshire for soliciting without a permit.

On 09/28/2017, First Sgt. B. Harvey arrested Ian Anthony Nunya-Smith (29) of Edgewater, MD on a citizen obtained misdemeanor warrant for Violation of a Protective Order.

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