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Spotsylvania Approves Three of Five Bond Issues

Spotsylvania County voters approved three of five bond issues November 4, granting the county a $241.4 million credit limit for transportation, schools and public safety projects.

Question One: $63,308,950 for Public Roads
Voters approved a maximum of $63.3 million to be used with other available funds for public road capital improvements, including:
– I-95 at exit 126
– I-95 at exit 118
– Route 1 corridor
– Route 2 corridor
– Route 208 corridor
– Harrison Road
– Intersection of Elys Ford Road at Route 3
– Grand Brooks Road

Question Two: $11,291,478 for Environmental and Solid Waste Needs and Requirements
Voters said no to these monies, which would have included improvements to Livingston Landfill.

Question Three: $36,388,641 for Public Safety Capital Improvement Projects
Voters approved this maximum amount, to be combined with other available funds, for projects including but not limited to:
– Construction of a new animal shelter.
– Replacement of the county’s computer aided dispatch system.
– Installation of Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment on public safety vehicles and at appropriate intersections in the county.
– Replacement of Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) equipment and vehicles.
– Construction of a fire training center.

Question Four: 21,454,929 for Government Equipment and Facility Capital Improvement Projects
Voters did not approve these funds, which would have provided for:
– Upgrades and replacement of equipment and technology used by various county departments.
– Renovations to various county owned buildings, including Judicial Center renovations.
– Renovations to the former sheriff’s office.
– Renovations to the Holbert Building or reconfiguring the building at Merchant Square.

Question Five: $141,724,876 for Spotsylvania County Public Schools
This bond issue received the highest percentage of support, with 55.6 percent of voters in favor of borrowing money for schools. Projects will include:
– Acquisition of real property for future school sites.
– Construction of new schools.
– Renovation of existing schools and other capital maintenance projects.
– HVAC, roof and other maintenance projects.
– Technology and equipment upgrades and replacement.
– Purchase of new and replacement school buses.

It’s the fourth time since 2001 that Spotsylvania residents voted on bond referendums; the first time they’ve said no to any.

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