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Orion Sushi Bar & Ultra Lounge Closes

By Susan Larson

Ryan Bullock, owner of The Orion Sushi Bar & Ultra Lounge, announced on Facebook he has closed his restaurant as of Saturday, July 19, 2014.  

Bullock has lived in the Fredericksburg area his entire life and moved into the city in 2012 to run for mayor.  He opened The Orion at 318 William St. last summer.  Following is what he wrote on Facebook about his decision.

“Dear Patrons,

“For some time now I have been stuck at a crossroads. In recent months of personal reflection, I have determined that both paths strewn in front of me could be encompassed by two umbrella terms – obligation and happiness. When this sudden realization dawned on me, it became clear as to what I had to do. With each passing day, the lustrous answer continues to reflect hope and a life full of possibility and luminosity. Considering the weight of the decision, it is with little regret and an anxiousness to begin a new chapter in my life that I have crafted this formal announcement of my decision to close the The Orion Sushi Bar & Ultra Lounge. I can only hope for your whole-hearted support and love as I continue on in a new direction.

“It was a journey within itself to reach this era of enlightenment and the purpose of this life-changing alteration is rooted not only in a plight for my personal salvation but for those closest to me, many of you, who I am lucky enough to call my friends and family. Some of you are aware of my desire to branch out beyond the city limits of my hometown and tackle new and exciting challenges. For those of you who may have not known this, I can assure you it is a higher calling that I have had for some time. While I have an undeniable love and eternal fondness of the city of Fredericksburg – the place I have called home for so many years, the place where I developed lasting and loyal relationships, the place where I rose through the ranks, the place where I made a name for myself and the place where I became an entrepreneur – I have no doubt that my new ventures are destined for new horizons and that these commitments will embody the ideals and strength that the bustling Fredericksburg community has instilled within me for so many years.

“It will be a day full of mixed emotions for myself and many of those who are close to me who shared my passion for my most recent project, but I myself will rest assured of a fresh start and the birth of a new passion for what promising mysteries the future might hold. I can only ask for faith from my loved ones in my certainty. It is with this final announcement in regards to The Orion that I would like to thank each and every one of you. I could not have grown to become one of the most prominent young business owners in the Fredericksburg area without your devotion and friendship. Many of you stand as pillars in the community and I thank you for embracing me into your world as I made my way into the local business scene. You all have my endless gratitude for the roles you have played in the emergence of The Orion and within my life. This should not be seen as an exit but as a transformation to a limitless dream. Dream Elements is known for turning its dreams into a reality and now it’s time for me to do the same with my own. It is simply not the end, but just the start to what I can achieve.

“As you read this letter, we will already have begun on celebrating our time together. Looking back I am overwhelmed with gratitude while looking ahead induces a surge of anticipation and joy. Today is not about letting go and it is not about saying goodbye. Today is about cherishing memories made and braving the future, armed with all the lessons we have taught one another. It is for the smiles, the laughs and deep embraces and at times the tears, because we were there. We were there to witness each other’s moments of happiness and battles with grief and sadness. This is the ebb and flow of life and I am honored that you all became a part of mine. No matter where our paths lead us, we will always have a place. A place in time that ties us together and no matter how old and grey we become, we will be able to look back and feel the same bliss we all once shared so many years ago. Today we will get lost in a perfect blend of time gone by and things yet to come and we know in our hearts that we will never forget this moment or any other.

With warm wishes and love,

Ryan Bullock”

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