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Fredericksburg Displays Solidarity with France

By Susan Larson. Photo by Bill Blevins, CEO of Plants Map

Overnight the national flag of France replaced the holiday banners hung from the lampposts in downtown Fredericksburg.

“The city is flying the French flag in support of our French brothers and sisters,” said Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw. The move came following the November 13, 2015, terrorist attacks in the French capital.

“I have not issued an official communiqué, but I have been in touch with our Fréjus Sister City by email,” Greenlaw said.

Mayor Greenlaw traveled with members of the Fredericksburg Sister City Association (FSCA) to Fréjus in southeastern France in September 2015 to commemorate their 35th year as sister cities.

Fredericksburg, Fréjus Celebrate 35th Anniversary as Sister Cities

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