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Above: Trista Chapman of Sophia Street Studio

Fredericksburg’s pottery community is hosting a festival June 10th from 10 am to 5 pm outside of Sophia Street Studio.

The Sophia Street Pottery Throwdown will feature more than 20 professional potters (mostly local) and six returning UMW grads who have continued on to be potters. The potters will do live demonstrations all day, and kids and adults will have a clay making area where they can try their hands at pottery.

“Every Friday a group of us local potters meet at Sophia Street Studio to have coffee, share what we have been up to and lately plan for the festival,” said Scarlett Pons, a local potter and owner of Ponshop Studio and Gallery. “For the last 10 years Fredericksburg has been quietly growing a diverse and robust ceramic community and we hope to celebrate and share this through the festival.”

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