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Islamic Center of Fredericksburg events

From the Islamic Center of Fredericksburg

Donate toward Building New Masjid & Islamic Center in Fredericksburg –

Donate at the ICF office or Online (click here). Build yourself a home in Jannah. Please consider donating towards building of the new Masjid, even a small monthly or one-time donation goes a long way. “Whoever builds a Masjid seeking the pleasure of Allah; Allah shall build a house in paradise.
Ramadan Quran Memorization and Recitation Competition – June 17th, 2017

The deadline for registration of Quran competition is this Saturday June 10th.
Registration is Free! with Cash Prizes! Click here to sign up online or for more information
Eid Volunteer Sign-up –

Islamic Center of Fredericksburg is recruiting volunteers for the upcoming Eid Al-Adha. We need brothers and sisters to help with Eid activities.
Please sign-up by replying back to this email or by completing the ICF Volunteer form (click here).
Zakat Al-Fitr –

Zakat Al-Fitr for this Ramadan is $10/person and should be paid before Eid prayer. The sooner you fulfill your Zakat obligation, the earlier we can distribute the same to the needy and the deserving in order that they can celebrate Eid in a joyful manner along with the rest of us.
Please follow the instructions below for your chosen method of Zakat donation:
Cash: Place your cash in an envelope, write Zakat Al-Fitr on the envelope, and drop it in the donation box at the Masjid
CHECK: Write Zakat Al-Fitr in the memo field of the check and place the check in the donation box at the Masjid.
Qiyam during last 10 days of Ramadan – June 16th (2:15 AM to 3:15 AM)

All Brothers and Sisters are invited to attend the Qiyam (Tahajjud / night vigil) prayers at the Islamic Center during the last 10 days of Ramadan
Itikaf (Spiritual retreat) –

The Masjid will be open for anyone who wants to make Itikaf (spiritual retreat) during Ramadan.
Please register at the office to make the Itikaf.

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