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From Spotsylvania Fire, Rescue & Emergency Management

As the world celebrates the beginning of a new year, fire officials in Spotsylvania are celebrating 2017 as a year without a single fire fatality in the county. 2017 is the first year since 2012 that the county did not experience the tragedy of a death resulting from a fire. “While we are very happy to celebrate the conclusion of a full calendar year without any fire incidents resulting in the death of any county residents or visitors, our hearts and minds are still with those who have lost loved ones in fires over the past several years.” says Spotsylvania’s Fire Chief, Jay Cullinan.

Along with the reduction in fire deaths, Spotsylvania saw a slight reduction in fires in 2017, from 413 in 2016 to 379 last year, while the department saw an increase in the overall number of incidents by 360 calls for service. Chief Cullinan credits the reduction in fire deaths in-part to the increased efforts of the department’s fire and life safety education programs. Over the past year, the department has sought additional opportunities to meet with the community to educate and inform residents on fire and life safety, in an effort to prevent deaths and injuries that impact us all. According to the United States Fire Administration, over 3,000 people die and over 15,000 are injured in the United States each year as the result of fires.

Spotsylvania’s Department of Fire, Rescue & Emergency Management wants to remind everyone that the task of eliminating the loss of lives and property is the responsibility of the entire community. For more information on how you can schedule a fire and life safety presentation for your community organization, or for information on having a smoke alarm installed in your home, please call the Spotsylvania Department of Fire, Rescue & Emergency Management at (540) 507-7900.

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