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FOR to host wildlife festival

By Meredith Palumbo, Friends of the Rapphannock Field Trip Coordinator

This year’s Wildlife Festival will be on Saturday, March 17 from 10am to noon at the Friends of the Rappahannock nature preserve. The Wildlife Festival is an annual event for kids, families, and groups of all age levels to learn about animals and habitats of the Rappahannock River watershed.

There will be six activity stations: an animal guessing game, presentation on bats of the Rappahannock, study on minerals and rocks, nature walk, s’mores, and a display of live animals such as frogs, tadpoles, fish, and an adult corn snake, named Pocket. Woodie Walker, Community Conservationist at Friends of the Rappahannock, says “Last year, it was great to see kids here that were enthusiastic to learn about the wildlife in this area. I am excited to see what animals we can collect and show to everyone who participates this year.”

The event is free but you must register through our website at since space is limited. When you register, please specify number of participants for both children and adults that plan on attending.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Friends of the Rappahannock field trip coordinator, Meredith Palumbo, at [email protected] What are you waiting for? Shake your tadpole tail and register online now!

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