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Stafford Sheriff’s Office Recognizes Friends of Stafford County Animal Shelter

From Stafford Sheriff’s Office

The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to recognize the contributions of the Friends of Stafford County Animal Shelter (FOSCAS) in improving the quality of life for the over 2,000 animals that make their way to the shelter each year. FOSCAS was established in 2015 as a 501 (c)(3) organization to assist the Stafford County Animal Shelter in finding homes and funding veterinary care for homeless animals. The all-volunteer organization is not associated with Stafford County government, and fills a gap in the services that Animal Control is able to provide for the county’s homeless animals.

Animal Control is run and funded by local government, so there are limitations on how many taxpayer dollars can be spent on care and medical treatment for homeless animals. Recognizing these limitations, FOSCAS stepped in to raise awareness and money for the shelter.

“Donations from groups like FOSCAS can be lifesaving for these animals,” Cpt. Mike Null said. “The sad reality is that without this funding, some of these animals would have to be euthanized. Through the generosity of FOSCAS, these animals are able to get the treatment they need.”

In 2017, FOSCAS raised $8,000 in monetary donations. These donations went towards emergency veterinarian care, equipment and supplies, education on the importance of spaying and neutering animals, and elective medical care to increase the adoptability of special needs animals. In one case, a stray dog named Chevy that appeared to have been hit by a car was found on the side of the road and brought to the shelter. The veterinarian determined Chevy’s left leg was shattered and needed to be
amputated. FOSCAS raised close to $1,000 for his care. Chevy was later adopted into a loving home.

FOSCAS is also responsible for an initiative known as “Angel Trees.” They connected volunteers to adopt a tree and businesses to sponsor a location. Angel Trees were a significant source of funding for the shelter during the holiday season.

“The shelter staff is dedicated and committed that every animal who walks through the shelter doors is properly cared for and they will be placed in a permanent loving home,” Cpt. Null said. “FOSCAS is making sure that happens.”

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