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Clay Jones on Brett Kavanaugh

By Clay Jones

Brett Kavanaugh should not be confirmed for the Supreme Court, where Trump’s last nominee, Neil Gorsuch also shouldn’t be currently sitting for the rest of his life.

The Republicans stole an appointment from President Barack Obama. They wouldn’t even let his nominee, Merrick Garland, a man they had previously confirmed for a lower court, on the nonsense that a president can’t appoint during an election year. Thus, they let the seat remain vacant for nearly a year on the gamble a Republican would win the presidency. Their gamble paid off. They argued that the people should decide who appoints to the Supreme Court, ignoring the fact that the people did decide in 2012. The people gave Obama four years to perform the duties of the presidency, not three.

After stealing that seat, the Republicans changed the rules from requiring 60 votes for confirmation, to 50. Now, they’re about to do it again.

Before the hearings for Kavanaugh, the Republicans withheld thousands of documents, only to dump them on the Democrats the night before the hearings and barring members of the Senate from releasing them to the public.

Kavanaugh is being cagey and refusing to answer if a president can be indicted, pardon himself, pardon his friends in exchange for their testimony, or if Roe v. Wade can be overturned. All this means is that Donald Trump got to select another judge to rule in his favor if a subpoena for his testimony lands before the highest court. It also means the Supreme Court will make abortion illegal, thus actually killing millions of women.

Perhaps the biggest reason Kavanaugh should not be confirmed is because he was nominated by Donald Trump.

Donald Trump may have broken the law to become president. He is accused of directing someone to commit a crime while he was the Republican presidential nominee. He may have colluded with Russia and have engaged in a conspiracy to steal the election. He may have paid foreign hackers to disrupt the election. All of this would make him an illegitimate president. We can’t have people appointed by Vladimir Putin.

Trump is also mentally unhinged. The people closest to Trump believe he is incapable of doing his job, and he’s a danger to the nation. His own words and tweets confirm the man is insane. I don’t believe a crazy man should be making lifetime appointments to any court, especially the Supreme Court.

America doesn’t want Kavanaugh on the Court. Only 37 percent of those polled by ABC News and The Washington Post support his confirmation. The only two nominees who have fared worse in the poll’s history are Harriet Miers (a legal counsel for the second Bush) and Robert Bork (a Reagan nominee who was so far out on the right-wing fringe, it would have been like putting Alex Jones on the Court). Both of those nominees failed. Kavanaugh should fail, but he probably won’t because we live in Crazytown.

No president should be allowed to pick their judge. The Republicans need to stop allowing Trump to turn this nation into a banana republic. A president in the last year of his term can’t nominate but an unindicted co-conspirator with major mental deficiencies can?

The only hearings we should be having at this place and time is over which federal penitentiary where Trump should be serving his sentence.

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