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A local state of emergency has been declared by Fredericksburg City Manager Tim Baroody as Hurricane Florence threatens the mid-Atlantic including Virginia. High winds and flooding are expected in the city during the storm and in its aftermath, posing a danger to life and property.

A state of emergency is enabled by the Code of Virginia. It allows localities to access state and federal assistance in dealing with the storm and storm-related damage. A state of emergency declaration also enables use of emergency authority to protect lives and property.

Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall in North Carolina later this week. City officials are concerned about wind damage, flooding during the event, and the possibility of flooding in the downtown and other low-lying area if the Rappahannock River shed receives anticipated heavy rainfall.

The Fredericksburg City Council is expected to offer its support to the declaration this evening at their regularly scheduled meeting.

Fredericksburg citizens can get additional information throughout the storm from the city notification system FredAlert, police and fire department from social media and website,

The National Hurricane Center will frequently update with the latest on Hurricane Florence.

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