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Clay Jones on SCOTUS nominee

Clay Jones on SCOTUS nominee

Anita Hill at Supreme Court then Christine Blazey Ford at Supreme Court. Text reads: "The more things change, they don't (2018)."

From Clay Jones

When you see what’s happening now with Christine Blazey Ford, who’s accusing SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape, you realize that Republicans, and maybe even the majority of men, haven’t learned anything over the past 30 years after what they did to Anita Hill.

If the internet was as prevalent in 1991, Ms. Hill would have been the first victim of cyberstalking, bullying, and harassment. Now, they demand that Ms. Ford testify to them without all the facts.

Republicans do not want the FBI to investigate the matter. Maybe they’re afraid they’ll find more Russians. They don’t want the confirmation of right-winger Kavanaugh, who will rule to ban abortion, delayed any longer, especially after the midterm elections. But, why?

What’s so wrong with waiting? Are they afraid we’ll have more information that will prove he should not have a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land? Are they afraid Democrats may take the Senate and do what they did to Obama, not let Trump have another justice to the court? They’re right that Democrats want to delay it, but they should be delayed. We should have all the information we can gather before we put a man on a bench for the rest of his life. Do we really want a man who attempted rape on the Supreme Court?

I don’t care if Kavanaugh was only 17-years-old when this incident happened. A 17-year-old should know about consent. They should not be rapists. Should he carry that for the rest of his life? Yes.

Kavanaugh, who has already been proven to be a liar, should be the one asking for an investigation, not the accuser. If he’s innocent, why wouldn’t he want professionals to look into it? If Ms. Ford is guilty, then she has a lot to lose as it’s a crime to lie to the FBI. It’s funny that she’s the one who wants an investigation and the accused does not. The accused’s friend, a witness to the event, is refusing to testify.

Republicans are afraid this will hurt them in the upcoming elections. So, they want eleven white men, only three who aren’t younger than 55, to grill Ms. Ford. How could this possibly go wrong for them?

Eleven men, all white, and no females from their party on the panel. At this point, they should call it a day and tell Trump to send another nominee. Kavanaugh should have been disqualified before we found out he may have been a guy who would rape a girl. Seriously, we can’t do better than this?

Kavanaugh was accused of holding Ford’s mouth, so she couldn’t cry for help while he attacked her. Right now, I think all eleven Republican white men on the Judiciary committee are doing it again.

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