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Valuable Vintage Apple® Products

From Experimac

Since Apple, Inc. launched in 1976, they have created a lot of products and not all of them experienced success like the ones we know and love today. Even more shocking is that some of the products that were offered to Apple customers in those early days were not even tech products.

Know a family member that likes to hold on to old items? Maybe spend some time searching their basement or attic for some of these relics that are fetching some big bucks online.

  • The Original Apple® Watch

    Long before Apple, Inc. made their smartwatch, they created wristwatches that, while smart enough to tell the time, didn’t do any of the other fancy things their current watch does. The vintage Apple wristwatches include a wacky arm and bright colors. Another version of the wristwatch features simple text on the face that simply says, “Think Different”.

  • Original Apple® Computer

    In 2015, an unidentified woman dropped a box of electronics off at a recycling center in Silicon Valley. She informed the staff that her husband had recently passed away and she was going through their garage and tossing whatever didn’t hold value. In the box? An original Apple 1® computer in perfect condition. The staff was in shock; this was a valuable piece of history. The center was able to sell the computer at a private auction for $200,000. The woman who threw out the computer? We could not find anything that said that she ever came forward, though the recycling firm publicly offered to give her half of their earnings ($100k).

    Lesson here? Don’t just assume what you have is garbage. Also, read the newspaper. You never know who might be trying to present you with a nice check.

  • The Original iPod® Device

    Compared to our modern-day iPhone® devices, iPod Classic® devices were bulky and came with uncomfortable earbuds. But, when they first came out, they revolutionized how we listened to music. Walkmen were large and songs skipped while we moved. iPod devices changed that and we were more than willing to pay hundreds of dollars to get our hands on them. But, some people bought them and never did anything with them. And now, 15 years later, they are showing up on the market for a hefty price. The iPod device was officially discontinued in 2014 so it makes sense that these relics would start popping up on the used tech market.

Got anyone in your family who may have an old iPod device, iPhone device, or other Apple product hanging around in their closet or storage space? Spend your next day off, going through their stuff to see what fun Apple products you may find. You may surprise them with some good news! They might be sitting on an expensive piece of history.

Whether you need help with upgrades and repairs or you are interested in trading in your old Apple products, stop by your local Experimac store – we want you to Experience the Experimac Difference!

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