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From Clay Jones

If you have a juvenile sense of humor then you probably laughed at the image of Donald Trump boarding Air Force One with what appeared to be toilet paper stuck to his shoe. So naturally, I found it hilarious.

What I really find funny is that dozens of people who work for Trump were in attendance and not one of them said anything. “Excuse me, Mr. President. You have something on you…ya’ know. Never mind. You’re good. Just walk up that flight of stairs to Air Force One in full view of all these cameras.”

If you read Bob Woodward’s “Fear,” Or Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury,” or any news report with quotes from anonymous sources from within the White House, then you know there are people working for Trump who believes he is an idiot. And, what better metaphor for the idiot presidency than the undignified image of Trump with T.P. stuck to his shoe? It’s a better image to have stuck in your head than Stormy Daniels’ description of his mushroom-like penis.

For me, it’s also a metaphor for his obliviousness toward all that’s important, which are usually issues that are not about him. That includes the #MeToo movement. The callousness Trump and his fellow Republicans have shown toward survivors of sexual assault this week display that all too well.

Sure. Toilet paper stuck to Trump’s shoe isn’t a stop-the-presses type story, but it’s funny. I wonder if anyone’s told him yet.

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