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Clay Jones on Kavanaugh Confirmation

From Clay Jones

I wasn’t alone in feeling sick to my stomach Saturday with the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. There’s just something especially nauseating about an entitled, prep school, trust-fund baby with accusations of sexual assault being placed on the highest court in the land by another entitled, prep school, trust-fund baby with his own accusations of sexual assault.

I don’t just feel disappointed. I feel disgusted. It reminded me of the way I felt on election night, but instead of this god-awful abomination being inflicted upon us for four years, Kavanaugh could be around for 30 to 40.

Senate Republicans ignored the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh. They said they believe his accuser while also believing him. How can anyone believe both? Maine’s Republican Senator Susan Collins ignored everything about Kavanaugh, believing he’s something he isn’t and gave the final vote to confirm. When Senator Al Franken was caught in a scandal for an old photo of him pretending to grope a woman, Collins called for his resignation. Yet, she’ll send Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

They ignored that the FBI investigation was just a cover and a hamstrung investigation at that. They ignored that Kavanaugh lied time and time again during his hearings. They ignored that he’s a political partisan. They ignored that he contacted witnesses about an accusation before it was published and that he lied about when he was aware of it. They ignored that he promised retribution in the future. They ignored that he may have a drinking problem and is a visibly angry person. And, if they have anything that resembles morals, principles, or a conscience, they ignored those too.

They ignored that Kavanaugh was nominated by a president who broke the law to win the election and was supported and enabled by the Russian government to gain the presidency.

They also ignored the will of the people. The majority of Americans did not support Kavanaugh. He had the lowest ratings of any SCOTUS nominee in polling history. He was confirmed with the least number of votes ever for a Supreme Court Justice. That’s OK with Kavanaugh and Republicans. They’re just fine if more disturbing details come out about him in the future after he’s on the bench.

Now, those people who disagree with the vote aren’t just liberals, Democrats, or people who disagree. No. Now they’re being described by Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and other Republicans as an “angry left-wing mob.” Tribal politics have sunk to an even lower level than where they were before.

But, if we take the Republicans description, then the majority of America is an angry mob. The majority of Americans don’t support Trump or the Republican Party. In fact, major decisions that will affect our nation for years are being decided by a minority of Americans. Those Americans are mostly the older, white Americans.

I posted about this on social media Saturday, so if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll have to suffer reading it again.

Despite having majority Senate rule, Republicans represent 143 million Americans while Democrats represent 182 million. Compound that with Trump losing the popular vote, a minority of Americans, not the majority, are deciding who gets a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court. Basically, all the rubes stupid enough to believe in pizzagate are choosing the direction our nation’s taking for the next several decades.

That’s still not good enough for them as they had to steal a Supreme Court seat from Obama and change the rules of how many votes are required for Trump’s nominees. I’m tired of Republicans taking what isn’t theirs and inflicting their will on the majority of Americans who don’t support them. I’m tired of us letting them do it.

I hope you’re tired too. I also hope you feel sick. Maybe you’re tired and sick enough to vote in November and send as many of these old, obtuse, tone-deaf, conservative white men out of office as possible.

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