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Spotsylvania Crime Report November 5-12, 2018

From the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office

On 11/08/018, Deputy Pittman released Melissa Whitmer (42) of Stafford on 2 summons for Petit Larceny Shoplifting from the Target at Cosner Corner.
On 11/11/2018, Deputy Foster arrested Joseph Andre Robinson (23) of Washington, DC for obstruction of justice and prescription forgery.
On 11/11/2018, Deputy Riley arrested Sayda Martinez (49) of Spotsylvania for shoplifting at the Cosner Corner Kohls.

On 11/05/2018, Deputy Foster arrested Gregory Robertson (24) of Spotsylvania for assault and public intoxication at the Indian Acres Campground.
On 11/05/2018, Deputy C. Haney arrested Aaron M. Thaler (22) of Spotsylvania for assault and battery in the 200 block of Church St.
On 11/08/2018, Deputy Lecarpentier arrested Laura Leonard (31) of Spotsylvania for assault in the area of Skinner Hill Dr.
On 11/10/2018, Deputy H. Taylor arrested Matthew Jenkins (26) of Spotsylvania for assault and battery and public intoxication.

On 11/08/2018, Deputy Hager arrested Meghan Hall (31) of Spotsylvania for possession schedule I/II narcotics and an open Capias from Caroline County.
On 11/10/2018, Sgt. Collins arrested Lenny Seal 2nd, for possession of marijuana and driving suspended in the area of Jefferson Davis Hwy and the I-95 NB on-ramp.
On 11/11/2018, Deputy Cobrin issued a summons for possession of marijuana to Katlyn Denise Dean of Fredericksburg, Colton James Coffey of Locust Grove and Kirk Sweeney Jr of Locust Grove.

On 11/05/2018, Deputy R. Jones arrested William T. Livelsberger (26) of Spotsylvania for DUI, reckless driving by speed and refusal to provide a breath sample.

All Other Arrests
On 11/05/2018, Deputy Lecarpentier arrested Mijann MacKay (43) of Spotsylvania on an outstanding warrant for Stalking in the area of Single Oak Rd and Plank Rd.
On 11/08/2018, Deputy Hager arrested Cornelius Massta Smith (28) of Spotsylvania for trespassing and an open warrant for Larceny.
On 11/10/2018, Deputy H. Taylor arrested William Webb (50) of Spotsylvania for public intoxication.

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