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As soon as Elizabeth Warren’s name is mentioned, somewhere a political cartoonist starts drawing her with a tom-tom, tomahawk, smoke signal, war paint, etc. I’m surprised I haven’t seen one of her campaign HQ being a teepee (there’s a free one for ya’, boys). Don’t believe me? Do a Google image search for “Elizabeth Warren cartoon.” It’s embarrassing.

I decided to save Warren haters some work and give them the tools they need to put together their very own racist Elizabeth Warren cartoon. Have fun. Be responsible. Use children scissors so you don’t hurt yourself.

You’re not getting a long blog today because I’m running late and my proofreader Frank (yeah, Frank. I’m using you as an excuse) doesn’t have as much time, as usual, to save me from myself today. I spent hours researching stereotypes and each time I thought I was done and had filled enough space, I’d think of another one. I started with six.

By the way and just because I think it needs reminding; Donald Trump still hasn’t paid that $1 million to charity for Warren taking a DNA test.

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