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Crowd of 400 watched nursing knowledge game show at Germanna

From Germanna Community College:

The NCLEX Bowl is an interactive competition designed by faculty to provide students with an exciting and entertaining opportunity to practice for their licensing exam. Senior members of the winning team are awarded prize funds by the Germanna Educational Foundation to cover NCLEX licensing test fees.

The winner of today’s NCLEX Bowl was the Clot Busters team: Hali Miller, Christie Crossland, Felicia Scott, Normlica Carter and Rovert Msuka.
The Flu Fighter’s team won best costumes: Angelica Ante, Kelly Martin, Katrina Duff, Kimberly Snyder and Elizabeth Sergeant.

NCLEX is a nationwide examination for the licensing of nurses in the United States and Canada. A nursing license gives an individual the right to practice nursing, granted by the state where he or she met the requirements.

The event is coupled with a nursing college fair where representatives from colleges and universities informed students about continuing education opportunities. In addition, area hospitals came to inform students of employment opportunities following graduation. Many of the nurses and other health care professionals at area hospitals, clinics and nursing homes are trained at Germanna.

Germanna’s Educational Foundation is currently raising money to build a new, state-of-the-art, nursing and health care training campus at Locust Grove.


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