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It Makes Sense to Buy Certified Pre-Owned Apple® Products – Here Is Why

From Experimac

Each year, Apple, Inc.® releases a collection of new and improved products that shake up the industry and get devoted fans to pull out their credit cards. Each year, Apple products feature new upgrades, lots of bells and whistles, and an even higher price tag than the year before. It’s exciting to buy a new tech device but it can leave a dent in your wallet which is why a lot of people are starting to look to buy certified pre-owned Apple products instead of going for the newest release.

Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Apple Product Saves You Money

In need of a new computer? Going for the latest and greatest means that you will be forking over thousands of dollars for even the base model. Looking at certified pre-owned Apple computers and products can save you up to 60% off retail prices and these are often upgraded machines with more memory and better hardware than you would have received on a new machine.

Certified Pre-Owned Products are Tested Rigorously and Have Warranty

Sometimes, people have reservations about purchasing a pre-owned product because they are afraid they are broken, don’t function properly, or were damaged. But, certified pre-owned computers and Apple products go through a rigorous testing and repair process by our experienced team of techs before they are returned to the market. Often times, they weren’t even broken but were trade-ins on an upgrade. Certified pre-owned Apple products from Experimac come with a warranty to ease your concerns and help you feel confident in your purchase whether it’s an iMac® computer, MacBook Pro® laptop, iPad® tablet or any of our other great products.

Certified Pre-Owned Apple Products Include the Necessities

We often hear customers that are concerned if they purchase a certified pre-owned device, it won’t have the necessary cords or chargers which will mean an increase in cost. But, often times, certified pre-owned products include everything that came with the product when it was sold brand new. So, rest assured, you will not have to run around trying to find the right charger for your device.

Buying Certified Pre-Owned from a Trustworthy Source

When you buy certified pre-owned Apple products from Experimac, you can see and test the device yourself before deciding to purchase. In today’s world where you often see these items for sale from individuals, you can rest assured that you are safe when buying from one of our Experimac locations.

Experimac’s certified pre-owned Apple products are cleaned, tested, and have their operating system updated and reinstalled, when applicable. This gives your new to you product a fresh start. Considering purchasing a certified pre-owned Apple product but aren’t sure where to start? Contact your local Experimac store to learn more about the certified pre-owned products available.

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