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Spotsy Sheriff’s Office replaces stolen bicycle

On April 8, 2019 the Sheriff’s Office was notified that Mr. Cunningham had his bicycle stolen, while he was at work. Mr. Cunningham didn’t initially report the theft of the bicycle, but later decided to file a police report. He explained to the deputies that he rides the bicycle from the City of Fredericksburg to his place of employment in Spotsylvania every day.

Cunningham advised the deputy that he suffers from a TBI as a result of an automobile accident several years ago and is ineligible to obtain a driver’s license due to this disability. He has been walking from downtown Fredericksburg to Spotsylvania every day since his bike was stolen. Today, the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office went to Cunningham’s job with a surprise in mind. Cunningham was presented him with a new bicycle, helmet, bicycle lock and a gift card to Walmart. Mr. Cunningham thanked the Sheriff’s office for their generosity and repeatedly praised the men and women who took part in replacing his bicycle.

Sheriff Harris stated “We would like to thank Walmart for being a continuous community partner and the numerous other citizens and businesses who make it possible for random acts of kindness to be exhibited in our community”.

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