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City summer paving schedule

If you regularly park your car on one of the selected areas, please be sure to check with Public Works Department before you take a vacation or leave your car for extended periods of time.  The streets listed are confirmed for work this season, however, the timing of the schedule is highly likely to change due to the weather and equipment.

Street From To Treatment
Washington Avenue William Amelia Reconstruction
Van Buren Street Germania Amaret Reconstruction
Canal Street Canal Bridge Pr Anne Reconstruction
Seacobeck College Ave Augustine Ave Reconstruction
Brent Augustine Ave Rappahannock Ave Reconstruction
Progress Fall Hill Ave Princess Anne Reconstruction
Carl D.Silver Pkway Trade St Commerce St Mill& Resurface
Lafayette Blvd Blue&Gray Pkway Sophia Street Mill and Resurface
Dixon Street-N bound Hazel Run Bridge Lafayette Blvd Mill and Resurface

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