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Fredericksburg Social Services recognizes Elder Abuse Prevention Month

Adult Protective Services (APS) serves both adults over the age of 60 and incapacitated adults between ages 18 – 59. In 2018, the State of Virginia received 31,436 adult protective services Reports. Of those reports 21,461 were investigated and nearly 50% were substantiated. In Virginia, 60% of substantiated cases were due to the victim’s self-neglect. Other types of abuse include physical, sexual, mental, and financial exploitation. Since January 2019, Fredericksburg DSS has investigated 45 APS referrals. Similar to statewide trends, a majority of these local cases are categorized as self-neglect – many times due to no food in the home or the inability to obtain food for the home.

For more information on adult protective services or to make a donation of cash and/or gift cards to aid the area’s elderly and disabled in need, contact Kelly Adriazola at 540-372-1032 ext. 255 or [email protected]. To report a concern to adult protective services, please contact intake during business hours (8:00am-4:30pm) at 540-940- 2401 and after hours at 888-832-3858.


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