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Two dogs shot after attacking owner and deputies in Spotsy

Upon arrival on scene in the 900 block of Stonewall Lane, deputies observed a female who was being actively attacked by her two dogs.  The deputies attempted to intervene to get the dogs off the woman, at which time the dogs turned their aggression towards the deputies. During the attack a deputy was also bitten, causing significant injury to his upper leg area. The dogs were ultimately shot by the responding officers, in order to end the attacks.

The female,  believed to be in her mid-twenties, was transported to a local hospital where she underwent surgery for her injuries. The deputy who was also transported to a local hospital, was treated and later released. The two dogs, believed to be Cane Corso’s, were transported to a local emergency animal hospital, where they later succumb to their wounds.

The Sheriff’s Office is an ongoing investigation into the incident surrounding the attack.

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