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Apple® Photos App on Mac® Computer and iOS® Operating System: Our 5 Favorite Features

The Photos app within Apple’s operating systems (available on iPhone® devices, iPad® tablets, Mac computers) is the place to store, organize, and share photos within your collection. The automation and ease of using the Apple Photos App enables users to have control over their photos but with some great added benefits. As iOS and macOS improve over time and with each software update, the ability to interact with and organize photos improves.

Apple Photos App on Mac Computers and the iOS operating system includes these 5 exceptional features:

  1. iCloud® Service: Photo storage used to be a far more complicated endeavor. The phones lacked internal storage which made it difficult to take copious amounts of photos. Now, iCloud storage gives users an “almost endless” storage functionality. Take all the photos you want; iCloud service has your digital back. A bonus to this feature is the ability to upgrade storage immediately.
  2. Built-in filters: Filters can add a unique dimension or vibe to your photos. This artistic and expressive feature is fun for users but also could be beneficial to creatives across a variety of industries.
  3. Search for specific moments: Users can search by moment, face, name, location, and more. This feature uses facial recognition to help you find exactly the right person within your photo collection. To stay organized, confirm the faces in order to improve the efficiency of this feature.
  4. For You and On This Day: The “For You” feature contains all of your memories, shared album activity, and other moments from your library. This smart feature will even offer suggestions about filters. Seeing memories from different events and moments can be a lovely reminder but it’s also a testament to the powers of iCloud storage.
  5. Share: Post your photos easily across a variety of platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more. This feature helps users feel even more connected as their content is streamlined more efficiently.

The Apple Photos feature within the iPhone device and the iPad tablet are similar and can be used between both devices. Are you interested in upgrading your iPhone device or iPad tablet? Contact your local Experimax store to browse our inventory of certified pre-owned Apple products – our local X-perts will help you maXimize your budget.

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