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First Four Fredericksburg Baseball Founders Club members select seats

From Fredericksburg Baseball:

With a live draft on Sunday, Fredericksburg Baseball officially saw the first seats for the new state of the art facility come off the board. With the Founders Four selecting their seats at the Fredericksburg Baseball store on Caroline Street, seat selection is officially underway as the organization gets ready for an April 2020 opening.

“We were thrilled to get the first four Founders Club members in their seats at our live draft,” said Seth Silber, a member of Fredericksburg Baseball ownership. “We are incredibly excited to get the remaining 500+ Founders Club members into their seats and then see a sold-out stadium on Opening Day next April.”

The live draft got underway with Founders Club member #1, John Ragsdale, who showed up to the initial sign up event in December amidst rain and cold at 2:00am. “It was just the perfect day to go out and wait for baseball tickets,” said Ragsdale. “A nice warm cup of coffee in downtown Fredericksburg, with just me and the police officer who asked me what I was doing sitting in front of that building. I said waiting for baseball to come to Fredericksburg.” With the first selection, John and his wife Wanda chose section 17, row A, seats 1-4, which will be located right behind the home team on-deck circle. The remaining members of the Founders Four also chose seats in the first few rows by the home dugout along the third base line.

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