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Top 5 Apps for Superb Summer Travel

Summer travel season is here. Planning a trip can seem overwhelming to some and the pinnacle of excitement to others. No matter what your trip-planning method, these 5 apps will help you plan the perfect summer trip:


  1. Zomato


One of the best parts of a vacation or trip is the experiences surrounding food. Good or bad food can make or break your trip. Zomato takes some of the worries out of food planning. This app features a curated list of top restaurants in the area, offers recommendations to users and direct ordering of meals from the top restaurants to wherever you are at the moment. Zomato incorporates user reviews and ratings into their app so you can be sure your selections are based off real customer experiences.


  1. Roadtrippers


This is the app for people who like to plan AND travel off the beaten path. Roadtrippers enables users to plan a trip, explore places, rent recreational vehicles, and more. This app goes beyond other travel apps by allowing users to discover interesting places along their journey. Roadtrippers states, “Want to find historic, scenic points on your drive? How about hotels near breweries? Layer multiple categories onto your trip and find the perfect place.” Roadtrippers has helped plan over 5 million trips and their database contains millions of global locations and attractions.


  1. Google Trips


Google knows what humanity wants especially when it comes to helping people create their best experiences. Google Trips helps users obtain information and activity based on what is close by. Features include customizable daily itineraries and the ability to make travel reservations directly from your Gmail account. For each trip that you create using Google Trips, food and drink suggestions, local things to do, and more will be included. The best feature of Google Trips is that it is available offline if you are away from an Internet connection.


  1. Kayak


Before you start planning your summer trip, check out Kayak for information and bookings. Users can search for flights, hotels, and rentals. Kayak offers users mobile-only deals, too. This app searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find the perfect place – and for a better price than booking alone – for your next trip. A popular feature included with Kayak is the ability to set up a watchlist which will send you alerts to book your trip when the price is lowest.


  1. Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder


If you are a parent, or even if you aren’t, the Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder app is perfect for those seeking solace and fun in nature. This app is considered the most comprehensive database of Public Lands within the United States. This includes National Parks and Forests and all other Federally-Managed Recreation Destinations (and includes every single state and local park in the country). Oh, Ranger! Features park overviews, maps and directions, information on the weather and seasonality, links to events and important websites, nearby attractions, and much more. The most useful feature is that users can choose from over 30 activities based on the interests of family and friends. Some of the included activities are; golf, hiking, playgrounds (salvation for parents), horseback riding, wildlife watching, and so much more.


As you create your summer itinerary, keep these 5 apps in mind. Planning ahead, even for the most spontaneous adventurer, will enable you to have the best travel experience. Need a new Apple® device for your summer travels? Stop by your local Experimax store to explore our certified pre-owned Apple products.

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