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College Survival Mode Is On: 7 Must-Have Apps to Make it Through Your Freshman Year

Surviving your first year away from home as a freshman in college can be difficult from the freshman 15 (the estimated 15 pounds most Freshman gain their first year) and balancing school with work to maintaining a social life. These must-have apps will make all the difference.

1.      Cash App – Venmo

Sending money on Cash App and Venmo is a staple of your college years. In fact, in your freshman year of college, you will feel like you and your friends all share the same twenty dollars. These apps are must-haves because you and your other strapped for cash friends can support each other by splitting costs and paying each other back stress-free.

2.      Cam Scanner

Running through campus and depending on an unreliable library is time-consuming and stressful so instead of buying a personal printer that will shut down your dorm’s Wi-Fi, this app can save you time, money, and a few dirty looks. Documents can be scanned in high resolution, sent to wireless printers, and shared between others via social media and email. All your documents can also be shared and transferred between your devices so you’ll never have to worry about leaving your laptop behind.

3.      Mint

Saving money and budgeting is a lifelong skill that Mint can help you jumpstart in your freshman year. Mint tracks your expenses, loans, and daily transactions while providing tips on budgeting and saving.

4.      Blackboard

Almost every college or university will have courses and assignments listed on Blackboard. Available as an app, assignments, grades, a course calendar, and chat rooms are all available for students with the added push notifications.

5.      OfferUp

Shopping for your freshman year of college is exciting but you’ll most likely buy a few things you don’t need that take up the already limited space in your dorm. Selling them on OfferUp is as easy as snapping a picture and letting the world know you’re ready for some hard cash. On the flip side, purchasing items on OfferUp is a cheaper alternative to retail prices.

6.      EasyBib

Free for students, EasyBib can scan and save all the resources you’ve used for your projects creating MLA, APA, and Chicago style citations. Also available are ready-made bibliographies that can give you a great head start for research.

7.      Uber and Lyft

Depending on your college or university, keeping your car on campus might not be feasible. Parking passes can be expensive, some college towns have better bus services, and you’ll leave campus less than you’d think. For the times you do need to leave campus, downloading apps like Uber or Lyft can be a real life-saver, especially because you can split fares with friends.

Starting college is exciting but it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel lost; these apps will make the worst of it a breeze. If upgrading to a certified pre-owned iPhone® device or repairing your iPhone device sounds like something you need before the semester starts, your local Experimax store is ready to help your X-perience be the best it can be.

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