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9/11 ceremony planned in Stafford

From Stafford County:

Stafford County invites all members of the public to its annual 9/11 ceremony to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in trying to help the victims of the September 11, 2001, attack as well as remember the civilian lives lost. Stafford County has held an annual bell ringing ceremony since the year after 9/11.


“We have a plaque by the entrance to the Government Center that reminds us daily that freedom is not free. We hold this annual ceremony to remember those who put service to others first and to those who lost their future that day,” said Gary Snellings, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. “We do it out of gratitude and to thank them.”


The ceremony takes place near the entrance to the George L. Gordon, Jr., Government Center at 1300 Courthouse Road, Stafford, VA, at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, September 11. A bell ringing ceremony will be performed that involves five tolls, a signal that traditionally marked the safe return of firefighters to the station. The bell ringing is also used at funerals for fire and rescue personnel.


Board of Supervisors Chairman Gary Snellings will be the featured speaker. The order of events is listed below.

Order of Events

Welcome – Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Gary Snellings

Invocation – Stafford Sheriff’s Office Chaplain Ron Thayer

Bell Ringing Ceremony

Laying of Wreath – Sheriff David Decatur and Stafford Fire and Rescue Chief Joseph Cardello

Dismissal – Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Gary Snellings

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