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Stafford tourism awards $55,000 in tourism sponsorships

From Stafford Tourism:

Stafford County has awarded $55,000 in Tourism sponsorships to eight programs and organizations. The sponsorships were made available as part of Stafford County’s Tourism Policy and tourism program established in December of 2018.

“Tourism is a part of economic development,” said John Holden, Director of Economic Development and Tourism. Stafford County launched a new tourism sponsorship program for profit or nonprofit organizations to design programs or events that encourage visitors to Stafford. The program was launched during the spring of 2020 using funds from the County’s fiscal year that begins on July 1.

“Based on what we have learned from our first year’s applicants and the feedback given, we are working to make some improvements to the sponsorship application program,” said Lisa Logan, Tourism Program Manager. The application process will be made easier and announced in November of 2019 for funds available in the County’s fiscal year 2021, and starting July 1 of 2020. “This new schedule will better match with private business budgeting for their calendar year 2020,” said Logan.

In this first year of the program, eight organizations were awarded funds ranging from $2,500 to $10,000. As a sponsorship program requirement, the awardees are required to market Stafford and our tourism assets, depending on the level of sponsorship. The program leveraged an additional $330,000 in marketing for Stafford Tourism.

Awardees included:

  • Gari Melchers Belmont and Riverside Center for the Performing Arts – Group Marketing Program- $5,000
  • Gari Melchers Home and Studio at Belmont – Art After Hours Expanded Events, $10,000
  • Riverside Center for the Performing Arts – Discover Riverside Marketing Program, $5,000
  • Adventure Brewing Company – Oktoberfest, $10,000
  • Barley Naked Brewing Company – 4th of July Event, $2,500
  • Brandonbilt Motorsports – Marketing Program, $2,500
  • Stafford Soccer – St. Paddy’s Day Soccer Tournament, $10,000
  • Special Olympics – Special Olympics Basketball Tournament, $10,000

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