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Construction activity at Dixon Street exit ramp in Fredericksburg

Construction activity is starting at the exit ramp from the Blue & Gray Parkway to Route 2 (Dixon Street) in the City of Fredericksburg in preparation for the Chatham Bridge rehabilitation project.

With the Chatham Bridge over the Rappahannock River anticipated to be closed as soon as May 2020 for a 16-month rehabilitation project, VDOT and its contractor are installing signs along the detour route this fall, and are covering them until they are needed next year.

Chatham Bridge Detour Route

VDOT is making several improvements along the detour route for the Chatham Bridge project. The signed detour route will be the Blue & Gray Parkway and Dixon Street. These improvements will remain in place after the project is complete.

This fall, crews will build an additional left turn lane on the Dixon Street exit ramp to provide more storage for vehicles turning left onto Dixon Street from the Blue & Gray Parkway. This will keep the right turn lane accessible for vehicles using the detour to downtown Fredericksburg.

Click here to see an online map of the detour route.

Vehicles taller than 13 feet, 6 inches will not be able to pass beneath the railroad overpass along the detour route. These vehicles will continue on Blue & Gray Parkway to William Street to access the downtown area.

What Motorists Can Expect

During this Dixon Street exit ramp improvement, all lanes will remain open on the Blue & Gray Parkway and the ramp between 2:15 p.m. and 7 p.m. on weekdays.

Most construction work for this project can be accomplished outside of the travel lanes, but lane closures will periodically be needed. Motorists should be alert for construction workers, equipment, barrels, and a temporary traffic pattern on the ramp.

Improvements to the exit ramp will be finished by Jan. 10, 2020. Detour signs will be installed by this date, but the signs will remain covered until the Chatham Bridge closes to traffic in 2020.

CES, Consulting, Inc., was awarded a $485,632 contract for the exit ramp improvements and sign installation.

The $23.4 million Chatham Bridge rehabilitation project will be advertised to potential bidders in January 2020. The bridge may be closed to traffic as soon as May 2020.

For more information on the Chatham Bridge rehabilitation project, and updates as construction and the detour approaches, please visit the project page on

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