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Area Teachers Awarded Educational Grants by Rappahannock Rotary Club

The Rappahannock Rotary Club awarded seven educational grants that added up to over $9,500 to the following teachers.

Rapphannock Rotary Ed Awards

  • Michelle Bunn for Music Therapy
  • Evelyn Frankie for Yoga for students with special needs
  • Emily Taylor for Mindful schools for mindful scholars
  • Lisa Lewis for Rubik cubes in the classroom
  • Ralph Moore for The fight for Ratification
  • Katie Hornung for Developing Greater Awareness of Justice through Exploration
  • Karen Mott for Creating a Music Listening Lab for the Classroom

Tom Carlson (President of the Rappahannock Rotary Club), Mike Gillenwater (Chair of the Foundation Board) and Adam Eidson (Member of the Educational Foundation Board) awarded the Grants to the teachers and congratulated them on a job well done.

Dr. Marci Catlett (Interim Superintendent) and Jennifer Boyd (Chair of the School Board) were also in attendance.

Source: Rappahannock Rotary Club

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