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Josh Cole going to Richmond. Frazier makes history in Spotsy

Democrat Josh Cole beat Republican Paul Milde in the 28th House District with nearly 52% of the vote. Milde edged Cole in Stafford County but Cole had over 70% of the vote in Fredericksburg. Cole narrowly lost the seat two years ago.

In the 17th District Bryce Reeves beat Democrat Amy Laufer with 52% of the vote.


Bobby Orrock and Mark Cole also re-elected by wide margins.

In local races:  In Spotsylvania, Deborah Frazier becomes the first African American elected to the Board of Supervisors.   She beat incumbent Paul Trampe.   Barry Jett won a three-way race in the Livingston District.   McLaughlin and Ross re-elected.

On the School Board, incumbent Jim Meyer lost to 22 year old Rob Abuismail.  Rita Daniels wins in Salem.  Incumbents Shelly and Twigg with big wins.

In Stafford:  incumbent Supervisor Jack Cavalier lost by 18 votes in Griffis-Widewater.  Crystal Vanuch wins  in Rock Hill.  On the School Board, Randall wins in the George Washington  District.  Elizabeth Warner in Griffis-Widewater.  Healy easily won re-election.

The Road bond easily passed in Stafford.

In King George, At-Large Supervisor Ruby Brabo lost.  Chris Giles was elected Sheriff.

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