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The City gets ready for the big Chatham Bridge project

City utility crews on Thursday began mobilizing one side of the 100 block of George Street, which will be restricted to one-way westbound traffic from Sophia to Caroline Street. The parking lane on the Spencer Devon side of the street will become the westbound thru-lane for George Street. Parking on the other side of the street will become a work zone. As a result, street parking will be prohibited in the 100 block of George Street. Both sidewalks and one-way traffic on this block will remain open. The nearby public parking lot on Sophia Street at George Street will not be impacted by this work.

The utility work may take up to 60 days to complete. Utility lines connected to the Chatham Bridge are being moved in advance of the start of bridge construction, which is planned for May 2020. The project must advance now so as to keep the Chatham Bridge Rehabilitation project moving on its planned timeline. Telecommunications engineers have determined that they must bore under the river from the location on George Street to ensure viability of telecommunication infrastructure.

No other parking downtown will be affected. Remember: Parking is now available for 4 hours through the holiday season – and the Sophia Street Parking Garage is free for 4 hours.

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