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Spotsy teen robbery suspect recovering after being shot by concealed carrying citizen

The Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting on Tuesday night at 10 in the area of Harrison Road and North Dickerson Drive.

A female who lives on Forbidden Forest Circle saw a male in her vehicle.  When she confronted the male, he pulled a mask over his face and began to walk away with items he had stolen from her vehicle.  The female began following the suspect, yelling for him to stop.  A neighbor and his wife got into their vehicle in an attempt to assist the victim.

While on the phone with 911, they told the 911 operator that they were following the suspect and were attempting to stop him.  They disconnected with the operator and positioned their vehicle in front of the suspect.  As the male got out of his vehicle, telling the suspect to stop, the man turned toward them pointing two handguns in their direction.

The neighbor, who has a valid concealed weapon permit, fired upon the suspect.  The suspect fled onto a nearby street where he ended up stopping at a residence asking for them to call for rescue.  The male shooter stayed and cooperated with law enforcement.  During the investigation, both hand guns the suspect pointed were located and turned out to be toy guns that had been painted black.

Several witnesses corroborated the events, which led detectives to charge the 17 year old suspect with brandishing a firearm, wearing a mask in public and petit larceny. After being treated at a local hospital for a gunshot wound to his leg, he was transported to the Rappahannock Juvenile Detention Center.

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