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Rappahannock United Way responds to COVID-19

From Rappahannock United Way:

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a monumental global impact which we are feeling here at home. In the face of this crisis, Rappahannock United Way continues to mobilize the caring power of our community in the Fredericksburg region. That starts with the most basic needs of our ALICE population – food and household supplies. At the moment, we are directing people to the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank, an RUW member agency that is operating a drive through pick up. Thus, reducing people’s exposure to the COVID -19 virus.

Of course, the need for assistance doesn’t end there. We will be there for those that are affected by businesses closing or reducing hours.  When you live paycheck to paycheck, you likely only have enough to cover the basic costs of living.  When those hours are reduced or completely eliminated you can’t will struggle to pay your mortgage, rent, utility bills, put gas in your car or afford daycare.

Your life as you know it is now changed and uncertain.

It is really devastating for those that have limited savings and options for alternative income.

The United Way ALICE Report opened our eyes to the fact that more than 40% of households in our region are already working hard, often more than one job, often without benefits such as health insurance and paid sick leave, and still struggling to cover the basic costs of living.

These ALICE households are most at risk of the financial impacts of COVID-19  – they are part time and full-time workers – they provide vital services to us all.

They work in childcare centers, restaurants, schools, medical facilities, supermarkets, banks and offices.

They are our friends, our neighbors, colleagues and family members.  They are us.

We are seeing the effects of COVID-19 across all industries in our region.

Rappahannock United Way’s response today, is the same as it was yesterday and the same as it will be tomorrow – it is to BE THERE.  And we can’t BE THERE for those facing financial uncertainty – without you.

Rappahannock United Way’s ALICE Assistance Fund has been there in the past providing financial coaching and assistance to so many people facing life events that caused financial hardship.  We have helped keep households in their homes, on the road and working.

This has not changed and we want to BE THERE now and going forward through the widespread effects of COVID-19.

BE THERE – Get Help!

If you are a working household experiencing a financial hardship due to closures or missed work, or increased childcare, we want to BE THERE for you – call (540) 358-5801 to see if you are eligible for ALICE Assistance.

BE THERE – Give Help!

If you are in a position to BE THERE for those affected we ask you to GIVE what you can – so that together we can all BE THERE for those affected.  GIVE to the ALICE Assistance Fund now – Text BETHERE to 41444 or visit to give online.

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