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A conversation with Maria Martin: Juan More Taco

Just want to come here to say that I’m worried for all of us small business owners, this includes food truck owners. That when I see my neighbors and friend’s faces of fear, tiredness, hopelessness and despair it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart because I feel the same way but I’m trying to be strong for them, I’m trying to give hope, I’m trying to do what I can…but I’m not sure for how much longer. Only God knows how many ties this week I’ve been crying while driving back and forth, crying tears of fear, joy, gratefulness. Crying while I’m alone because I have to be strong for everyone else.
Sales have gone down this week and so have donations. After the Governor’s last update it seems like very little hope for all of us small business owners. It breaks my heart to think that I would have to stop feeding the elderly and medical staff because I won’t be able to afford it for much longer, that I may have to shut down because I won’t be able to pay my employees.
Please continue to support your small local businesses we won’t be able to survive without your support.
I’m not asking for you to come to us only, I’m asking to support as much as you can the small businesses that you love and have always supported. Maybe try a new one, you may find a new favorite!
Our volunteers are the best people, I couldn’t do it without them. They’re here every day to help deliver meals to elderly and hospitals and don’t expect anything in exchange not even a drink.
To all of you volunteering with us please know that you’re appreciated beyond words. Thank you!
To all of you that have purchased from us this week, thank you!
To al the other businesses that have partnered with us to feed the elders Italian Station, Fredericksburg Cupcake, Orofino Restaurant, thank you!
To all the people that have been donating GS cookies, books, cards, thank you!
To everyone that have made a monetary donation, thank you!
We hope we can continue to serve you all. Much love! ❤️



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