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Pivot: Ceili Leahy Day of Service honors those who are serving meals

 In more normal times, The Ceili Leahy Day of Service involves Fredericksburg City school students volunteering at non profit projects around the city twice a year. COVID-19 knocked out the effort this past weekend. But it didn’t end the effort.
Hugh Mercer teacher Marylise Cobey had the idea to honor the volunteers and workers who are serving lunch around town to City School students. That happened today.
John and Leslie Leahy (Ceili’s parents) said:
A critical part of service needed at this time is supporting one another. We are so thankful to the volunteers and workers for serving our community and continuing Ceili’s mission of finding purpose and passion through service.
Why do we do the Day of Service? To spark joy within students to do volunteer service in the community, and honor humanitarian and activist, Ceili Leahy, a JMHS graduate, who passed away January 2016 from complications of childhood cancer

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