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MWHC to allow one visitor for non-COVID-19 patients and in the Emergency Department

From MWHC:

These visitation policies apply to all Mary Washington Healthcare (MWHC) facilities, including Mary Washington Hospital, Stafford Hospital, and Lee’s Hill Emergency Deparment.

At MWHC, we believe that the support from loved ones is important to our patients’ healing. As we continue to carefully open services, we are also carefully and thoughtfully loosening our visitor restrictions.  One visitor is permitted per non-COVID inpatient or ED patient. Exceptions are outlined below.

Arriving at the Hospital

All visitors are required to comply with our safety checkpoint procedures. If you cannot comply with the following safety measures, you cannot have an in-person visit in the hospital.

You will be asked screening questions.

You will have your temperature taken.

You will be given a visitor badge.

Limit the items you bring from home. Food is not permitted.

During Your Stay

You must wear a mask.

Practice social distancing.

Practice good handwashing.

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