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FAMPO looking for public input on transportation decisions

The Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (FAMPO) is a forum where members of the public, elected officials and transportation professionals come together to address regional transportation issues.

FAMPO officials say COVID-19 related travel behavior changes make the public’s involvement in the transportation planning process important. FAMPO Public Involvement Coordinator, Stacey Feindt says, “People have changed the way they move within the community. They are walking to more places, commuting less, and are uncomfortable taking public transit. It is very likely that the public’s transportation priorities have changed from several months ago when our survey identified the public’s top transportation priorities to include increasing public transportation and decreasing traffic. On the other hand, perhaps public priorities really have not changed for the long term. Public participation in the planning process is essential right now.”

To encourage safe public participation in the transportation planning process, FAMPO staff have created short online surveys and videos for four different transportation related documents that are out for public review and comment through June 19th. The documents propose changes to the Fredericksburg area’s long-range transportation plan, request a roll-over of fiscal year 2020 funds for the fiscal year 2021 work program, and present a new metropolitan planning work plan for fiscal year 2021, which begins in July.

Members of the public are encouraged to use the public review and comment period to improve their region’s transportation system. According to FAMPO Transportation Planner, Adam Hager, “Public feedback will help FAMPO decide how transportation planning work should be prioritized in the coming fiscal year and whether proposed amendments to the long-range transportation plan will meet the community’s goals.” FAMPO’s Facebook, Twitter, and website,, provides further information.

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