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Spotsy Sheriff’s Office says they comply immediately with the #8CANTWAIT campaign

From the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office:

Over the past week Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office has received numerous questions about our policies and procedures. Many of the requests have strongly demanded that we comply immediately with the #8CANTWAIT campaign (

The Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office is proud to already be in compliance with each of the 8 policies outlined in the campaign and we have been for several years. Feel free to share this information with your community partners as they ask these questions. As always, we welcome any inquires the community may have.

Additionally, we have received many words of encouragement and thanks in recent days from community members who are glad that our men and women of Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office are serving and protecting the Spotsylvania community.



The ideas include conduct remedies like banning chokeholds, changing reporting systems for use of force incidents, requiring officers to intervene when they witness misconduct, and more.



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