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Lakes and ponds at Fort AP Hill in Caroline open for recreational fishing this Saturday

Fort A.P. Hill will open its lakes and ponds for recreational fishing on June 20, 2020.

A valid commonwealth of Virginia fishing license is required to fish on post. A fishing license ensures you can check into an area designated for recreational fishing, It does not give you access to the entire installation. Fort A.P. Hill fishing licenses can be purchased on the Fort A.P. Hill iSportsman website.

The iSportsman website is also your access point to check in and out of the open recreational area. All personnel must check in, and then check out, of the Fort A.P. Hill iSportsman website.

If you move from one recreational area to another on the garrison while fishing, you must check out of the area you are in and check into an open recreational area after you move.

Bowies pond is now only accessible for fishing through the garrison; no exterior access to the pond is permitted. For specific details on the Fort A.P. Hill recreational fishing program, view the Fort A.P. Hill iSportsman website; Anglers may not access non-recreational areas of the installation.

Fort A.P. Hill reminds those who fish to practice proper social distancing and recommends wearing masks as appropriate.

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