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Chatham Bridge birds relocated to Hopewell

From VDOT:

More than a dozen young birds relocated off the Chatham Bridge have been released in Hopewell.

The 16 cliff swallows were first taken to the Wildlife Center of Virginia before being released near the Benjamin Harrison Bridge, where other cliff swallows have nests on the bridge. Experts say the young birds will most likely stay above the James River for the summer to learn from the older birds.

It’s not clear if the relocated cliff swallows will return to Fredericksburg, where they were born, or Hopewell, where they were released after migrating south in the fall.

The 16 birds were cared for by members of AWARE (Alliance of Wild Animal Rehabilitation and Education) a non-profit, volunteer organization that cares for wild animals in their homes.

More than 100 young cliff swallows were removed off the Chatham Bridge over the Rappahannock River then transferred to wildlife centers, sanctuaries and AWARE volunteers homes across the state to raise and release.

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