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Stafford Moves Forward with Establishing Diversity Advisory Coalition

From Stafford County:

Stafford’s Board of Supervisors moved closer to the establishment of a Diversity Advisory Coalition this week by passing a resolution to create the Board-appointed coalition. Plans call for seven members, one from each voting district in Stafford County. The group was formed after the Board was asked to consider the formation of a Multicultural Committee or Coalition to examine issues of race, ethnicity, justice, and equity in Stafford. Next steps include the appointment of the members whose responsibilities will include making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on policies and activities to help foster diversity, equity and inclusion within Stafford County and the community as a whole.

“Democracy derives its power from the people – all the people. The recommendations from our new Diversity Advisory Coalition will help us make sure everyone’s voice counts,” said Chairman Meg Bohmke of the Stafford Board of Supervisors. “We are confident that the creation of this coalition will strengthen our community.”

The Coalition is charged with the following powers and duties:

  • To make recommendations to the Board that enhance Stafford County Government’s ability to communicate with and to deliver services more effectively to minority and diverse residents and business owners within the County;
  • To work collaboratively with and provide recommendations to the Board on specific community diversity, inclusion and equity issues, including but not limited to community education and awareness, and equitable access to government resources and services;
  • To assist in the planning of community initiatives and/or events designed to foster a culture that acknowledges, advances and celebrates diversity, inclusion and equity County-wide.

Residents may apply by visiting The Board of Supervisors will review applications as they come in and appoint members until each position is no longer vacant.

Stafford previously had a Multicultural Coalition, but that group was not Board-appointed. The Diversity Advisory Coalition will join other board, authorities, committees and commissions (BACCs) in providing recommendations to the Board. As the Board has only seven members who cannot possibly be experts on every issue facing the Board, the volunteer service of BACC members assist the Board in providing their valuable knowledge and perspective on several community matters.


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