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Babysitter arrested for assault of infant in Stafford

A babysitter was arrested this week for the assault of a seven-month-old infant in Stafford.

On September 14th, deputies responded to an apartment in Stafford for a report of child abuse. The parents of a seven-month-old infant had returned home and discovered a red mark on the side of the infant’s face. In an effort to discover what caused the injury, the parents reviewed nanny cam footage of their living room for that day.  During review of the video, the babysitter is seen approaching the playpen. The infant is on his  stomach with his head raised and the babysitter pushes his head down into the floor of the playpen which caused the infant to begin crying. The babysitter briefly left the camera view, but returned and forcefully manipulated the infant’s head in an attempt to place a pacifier in his mouth.

After consultation with the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney, a warrant for assault and battery was obtained for the babysitter. The babysitter has been identified as 36-year old Lauren Siegel of Stafford. Siegel was arrested and held without bond at the Rappahannock Regional Jail.
The infant was checked by a pediatrician and no other injuries were discovered.

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