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January 1: Spotsy residents must display a decal to use Convenience Centers. $3 per vehicle

Per the Board of Supervisors’ request and approval, effective January 1, 2021, Spotsylvania County residents will be required to permanently display a County-issued Refuse Decal to gain entry and to utilize the County-owned Solid Waste Convenience Centers and the Livingston Landfill. Decals are issued for each personal vehicle that the resident will use at the facilities. Decals are not available for commercial business users. Decals are $3 per decal and are permanent (no annual renewal required), non-transferable, and non-refundable.

Residents can purchase decals in person at the Spotsylvania County Treasurer’s Office.  Or, decals can be purchased by mail by submitting the Refuse Decal Application (PDF) with payment to the Treasurer’s Office.  The Treasurer’s Office will verify each request in order to issue the Refuse Decal to a resident or real property owner of Spotsylvania County.

Decals may be revoked if used in violation of the Solid Waste System Regulations, including the requirement that the decal is not given to or shared with non-County residents or commercial business users. The decal does not relieve the customer of any fees that may be applicable. County staff reserves the right to ask for other identification. Decals are invalid if you are no longer a resident of Spotsylvania County.

The decal must be permanently affixed to the back of the rearview mirror. Loose or taped decals will not be accepted.

For more information about obtaining a Residential Use Refuse Decal, contact the Treasurer’s office at 540-507-7058, and see the tabs below.

For information about Solid Waste Centers locations, hours, and services, contact the Solid Waste Division at 540-507-7725, or view information here: Solid Waste Center Information.

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