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State elections officials warn of false information on social media

The Virginia Department of Elections is warning folks of false information going around on social media.  Officials say they have been getting calls about a social media post telling voters to see if their vote has been counted by checking their website.  The department says that info isn’t normally sent to the data log automatically on Election Day, and it could be a few days afterwards.  They are warning everyone not to be alarmed as it is the normal process.

We’ve had calls from voters based on a viral social media post directing voters to check our website to see if their vote counted. Please note, that data is not communicated to the Department of Elections automatically on Election Day. This data is sent to the Department of Elections only after the canvass occurs by local electoral boards in the days immediately following the election. It may take a few days for your vote from 2020 to show up on our website, but please do not be alarmed. This is part of the normal process. Thank you to all the Virginians that cast their ballot in Tuesday’s election!

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