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City Police: Lock your vehicle. Don’t let valuables be seen

From the Fredericksburg Police Department:
The Fredericksburg Police Department has received numerous reports of vehicle tampering and valuables being stolen. We want to remind everyone to:
– Keep your vehicle locked at all times. Unlocked vehicles are easy targets for criminals
– Never leave valuables, such as purses, laptop computers, portable music players, or cash in your vehicle. If you must keep important items or purchases in your vehicle, place them in the trunk or completely out of view
– Do not leave book bags, gym bags, or luggage in view as criminals assume they contain valuables
– File a police report if items are stolen from your vehicle! Stolen items are often recovered and are returned to their owner. However, if stolen items are not reported to the police, there is no way for items to be returned to their owner. If an item is stolen from you in the City of Fredericksburg, call our non-emergency line at 540-373-3122

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