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VDOT makes improvements to Brooke Road in Stafford

VDOT’s Stafford Area Headquarters pumped water while VDOT Fredericksburg Residency staff installed water level delineators at the S-curve area on Brooke Road between Raven Road and Maplewood Drive. These markers were installed to fulfill a request from emergency responders that will help them monitor water levels during flooding events.
Additionally, delineators were placed along the road to define the pavement edge.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has finished removal of several beaver dams near the road, allowing water levels to return to what is considered the natural level.
Brooke Road experiences recurring high water and flooding on a portion of the road that runs parallel to Accokeek Creek. VDOT is committed to maintaining Brooke Road to keep it open to the maximum extent possible, and keeping travelers notified of current travel conditions. Learn more:

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