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Cats rescued in I-95 fire and explosion

From the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office:

(Photos courtesy Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office)

Yesterday, 3/29/21, there was a major vehicle fire/explosion on I-95. Thankfully no fatalities occurred, but you wouldn’t think that if you saw the wreckage. Crazy enough, the driver of the tractor trailer, while engulfed and prior to the vehicle exploding, did his best to safely rescue his two cats from the burning cab.
With the owners blessing, he wanted to express his sincere gratitude to all first responders and civilians that came to his aid yesterday and also for ensuring that his furry loved ones received the veterinarian care that they ended up getting.
Smokey (Grey) and Bandit (Black and White) are doing well, especially Bandit, considering the fact that he was completely ablaze prior to first responders arrival.
We may not know the names of the kind citizens who helped locate him yesterday, but we can tell you that the owner is eternally grateful. Hold your loved ones, human and animal, tight. Make sure they understand their worth!

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